Peacebuilders Seminar:
Communication and Mediation Skills for Peace
Isabelle Duquesne

With Isabelle Duquesne MBA, MA Peace Studies, PhD International Relations and Diplomacy

21 April – 4 May 2012

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This seminar is for everyone who wishes to enhance their skills in conflict management for their professional and private lives. Over a period of two weeks, intrapersonal, interpersonal, group, social, international and planetary conflicts are addressed theoretically and experimentally.

The first five days focus on developing the “peace facilitator” by exercising conflict management and mediation techniques. A portion of content is dedicated to psycho-spiritual exploration of the systemic causes and consequences of conflicts -- in our personal and public lives. The program delivers a comprehensive overview of mediation methodologies and techniques, with opportunities to practice.

In the second week, a wider perspective follows. Five aspects in particular are discussed: Peace Environments, Peace Governance, Peace Economics, Social Peace and Peace Education. Conflict management techniques and exercises are played out via simulation and constellation work. Based a case study of Nepal, as an example, each participant brings to the seminar their own case study and is supported to develop its potentials during our time together. The seminar ends with a presentation by each participant of their case study and their intervention as peace facilitator.



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Isabelle Duquesne, (MBA, Masters in Peace Studies, and PhD in International Relations and Diplomacy) has a background in multicultural communication and business studies.

She spearheaded and lead Eurobogen - a training and consultancy firm for 20+ years. The works of Eurobogen is to support businesses to collaborate, and embrace challenges of diversity and engage in authentic communication. She brings a diverse experience of the needs of all sectors in a society to her Peacebuilders seminars.

She has been working within various civil, grassroots and academic circles since 2007 educating and promotion paradigms of peace and reconciliation and is active in Nepal. She teaches in universities internationally in France, Austria, Mexico and Nepal. We are grateful to welcome her back to Findhorn; she active in the community for 12 years, where, she says, she “learned the most fundamental lessons for her life”.

Isabelle Duquesne is the author of Nepal-Zone of Peace: A Revised Concept for the Constitution (L’harmattan, Paris). She is currently conducting a socio-political research on Peace Education in a Post-Conflict Region that opts for Ethno-Federalism as State Structure.

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